Why choose us?

There are many reasons why someone would want to take a CPR or First Aid class, however when everything is said and done you do it because you want to help someone in need. To help an individual in an emergency is not only an act of selflessness but a privilege. A privilege that is also a test of your ability to help society. A test to display that you are able to carry out lifesaving procedures to help save someone’s life.

Yes, Some of our classes do require that you pass a written and practical assessment, but don’t worry about that. The only test you truly have to worry about is the real life event that requires your help to save an individual’s life. But, if you take your course with us you don’t even have to worry about that assessment. Heroe’s CPR and First Aid prides our self on our “Hands on” approach, which does not allow room for forgetting once you leave our course. When you are finished with our course you will be more than ready to complete the written exam, more than ready to complete the practical assessment, and even more than ready and prepared to help someone in case of emergency. Join Heroes today and be a Hero tomorrow.

Authored By Thomas Anguella