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Offers corporate training as well as private individualized classes. This page is for organizations, companies, as well as individuals who would like to host a course at their location/facility. If you are the training coordinator for your organization, and you are in need of healthcare training for your staff, we encourage you to contact us. We offer corporate/group training at a fee of $350.00 for each class. Classes are limited to a 6 student maximum per class. For example: If you are in need of certifying 18 students in CPR then 2 courses would need to be purchased for a total of $850.00 The fee discussed above includes instruction as well as course materials required for the course. We will send an instructor with course required materials to your facility to give the specific course to your groups.

Never Find Yourself Aimless If an Emergency Happens
Always Be Prepared!

Safety is a universal need. And when it comes to being prepared for an emergency situation, it doesn’t matter what field you work in: whether a business owner, a teacher, a camp counselor, or even someone who works in the medical field, everyone needs to know the proper techniques involved with CPR and First Aid. After all, knowing the proper techniques can make the difference between saving a life and tragically losing one.
In this day and age, with knowledge so easily accessible and training just a phone call away, nobody should encounter a life-or-death situation not knowing what to do. In fact, it is a requirement for nearly all establishments. And though this is a simple process, if the wrong person is teaching the course, confusion will be the lasting impression. Simple tips and tricks not only need to be understood by the teacher but properly conveyed to those in training.
Stress and high stakes can make the simplest of processes turn into complicated formulas, simply because nerves can dismantle common sense.
We offer corporate training as well as private individualized classes for organizations, companies, as well as individuals who want to host a course at their location/facility. We offer corporate/group training at a fee of $350.00 for each class. The best part is that our classes are limited to a 6 student maximum per class so you can get good grasp of instructions without getting lost in large groups.
We walk you through the steps, with easy to remember anecdotes and tricks. You won’t be caught off guard or victim to your nerves. If you don’t believe us, believe our impeccable reputation.
Our 5 step training is here to fulfill all your healthcare needs.

Heroes BLS (Corporate/Group Training step by step)


Step 1

It’s all about choosing courses based on your needs. We can help you choose the best course. Our first aid classes and CPR courses can be taken by healthcare professionals as well as non-healthcare professionals. Non-healthcare providers include community members such as: teachers, coaches, babysitters, etc and Healthcare providers include members of the healthcare field such as: EMT’s, nurses, doctors, etc.

Course Length: Our CPR & First Aid courses won't take much time (just 3-4 hours each), and our more comprehensive courses may take 2-3 days (8 hours per day).

Step 2

We’ll be determining the group size. We don’t take more than 6 students per class, so if your group has more than 6 students, you can schedule multiple classes. Practicing on a dummy is one thing. But, when it’s happening for real and an actual life is on the line, if they don’t have a good handle on the steps in practice, odds are they will fall apart when they are needed most. So make sure we offer the best training.

Just note that there is a 6 student per class maximum which applies to all of our classes. If your group has more than 6 students you will have to schedule multiple classes.


Step 3

Now, we’re all good to go. We’ll be setting up the schedule to offer you the world’s best training! And guess what? We are there for you – 24/7 (even on Christmas)!!

For Your Convenience, we posted a week by week schedule of our available time slots.

Step 4

If any of your group member needs special considerations, we’re here to fulfill your requirements. If one of your members need textbook in Spanish or have some knee fracture, we will make special arrangements for you.

For example: If a student has a bad knee and requires special considerations, we can make arrangements for the student to conduct CPR on a table.Or if a student would prefer a course text book in Spanish, we can make arrangements for that as well.


Step 5

Location! Location! Location! Please make sure the location is large enough to accommodate audio visual equipment, instructional devices and students, of course!
We won’t only leave you with legal certification; we’ll leave you with the knowledge that you can handle any emergency imaginable on your own!
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