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Offers corporate training as well as private individualized classes. This page is for organizations, companies, as well as individuals who would like to host a course at their location/facility. If you are the training coordinator for your organization, and you are in need of healthcare training for your staff, we encourage you to contact us. We offer corporate/group training at a fee of $500.00 for each class. Classes are limited to a 9 student maximum per class. For example: If you are in need of certifying 18 students in CPR then 2 courses would need to be purchased for a total of $1000 The fee discussed above includes instruction as well as course materials required for the course. We will send an instructor with course required materials to your facility to give the specific course to your groups.

Heroes BLS (Corporate/Group Training step by step)

Step 1

First determine which course(s) your facility staff currently needs. This step really isn’t that hard, don’t worry. First aid class can be taken by healthcare professionals as well as non-healthcare professionals. CPR courses are offered to non-healthcare providers as well as healthcare providers. Non-healthcare providers include community members such as: teachers, coaches, babysitters, etc… Healthcare providers include members of the healthcare field such as: EMT’s, nurses, doctors, etc…
Course Length: CPR & First Aid courses run for about 3-4 hours each, whereas more comprehensive courses run for about 2-3 days (8 hours per day).

Step 2

Once you have determined the type of class your group needs, it is time to get an estimate size of your group. How many students will be taking the class? This number does not have to be exact, an approximate number will be more than sufficient.
Just note that there is a 9 student per class maximum which applies to all of our classes. If your group has more than 9 students you will have to schedule multiple classes.

Step 3

Okay, you are almost finished! You’ve done great so far! Now we need to decide on a date that best fits your staff’s schedule. Fortunately we do not have a curfew here at Heroes BLS Training. If you need a class given at 6pm on Christmas eve “WE WILL BE THERE!” If you need a class taught tomorrow at 3am “We WILL BE THERE!” So pretty much what we are trying to say, is that if your group is in need of training, we are going to do everything we can to bend over backwards for you. ***And of course at no extra charge***
For Your Convenience, we posted a week by week schedule of our available time slots.

Step 4

Determine if any members of your group require any special considerations, we should consider, prior to the course date. This step is sometimes overlooked. Special considerations can be accounted for if identified early. Simply determine if any students have difficulties that could possibly impede their performance in the course. You can determine if students require special considerations by asking them directly.
For example: If a student has a bad knee and requires special considerations, we can make arrangements for the student to conduct CPR on a table.Or if a student would prefer a course text book in Spanish, we can make arrangements for that as well.

Step 5

Decide on a course location. This is usually conducted at the place of business the students work at. The location of the course should be large enough to comfortably instruct the number of students that will be taking the course. Audio visual equipment will not be required since we will be supplying that. Instructional devices such as first aid equipment and manikins will be provided by Heroes BLS Training as well. So go ahead and fill out the form below so that we can get your staff on their way to getting trained!

CPR Classes - CPR Renewal
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To keep things simple, let us do all the work to get your group registered. Call us to register your onsite group class.

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