Free Group Classes

Are you the training supervisor of your non-profit organization? Is your organization in need of CPR/AED or First Aid training? Are you aware that you can get training in these courses FREE of charge?


How it works
Every month 2 non-profit organizations are selected to obtain either 1 free First Aid course or 1 free CPR/AED course. Organizations in need of professional level CPR/AED are welcome to apply as well. These courses are all certification courses! Which means all of the students who participate and successfully complete the course will receive personal certification cards from ASHI (American Health and Safety Institute). Certifications are nationally recognized.


Why do we do it
Teaching CPR and First Aid is a passion of ours. We are giving away free courses for the opportunity to instruct and certify larger groups of individuals who actually want to learn, and for the opportunity to give even more people the ability to save a life.


Who should apply
Clubs, organizations, outreach programs, fraternities, sororities, schools, churches, volunteer EMS, volunteer fire departments, etc… Any non-profit volunteer organizations are encouraged to apply.


Where do we travel to
Currently we are only training groups located in Southern and Central New Jersey.


The only cost would be a $5.00 fee per card that is imposed by ASHI. Student work manuals are recommended but not required ($12.00/student). Manuals will be distributed to students for review during the course, but must be returned unless students are interested in purchasing the manuals.


Student limit
Unfortunately we are limited to only nine students per class, if your group is larger than nine students it may be possible for us to schedule multiple courses to accommodate you (still free).


How to apply
Please click the “Register Now” button below to be directed to the application form. Once the form is submitted it will be reviewed, and you will be contacted shortly. If we fail to contact you, you may contact us for a status update on your application. Usually applications are reviewed quickly, since we are not in the business of turning down individuals eager to learn. However, in the event that your organization is denied the opportunity to receive a free course, please contact us for discount course options which may be available! Just as we believe it is a privilege to teach your group, please remember it is a privilege, not a right, to receive free training from us.


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