BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR Renewal Class

BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR Renewal) is a certification course intended for individuals, who have already been certified in BLS for Healthcare Providers in the past. This CPR Renewal class focuses on adult, child, and infant CPR sequences as well as effective use of breathing devices. Correct techniques to operate an AED as well as ventilation techniques with regards to advanced airways are also covered in this course. This BLS certification course allows students the opportunity to identify the latest techniques dealing with adult, child, and infant choking as well.

Course Length: Approximate course length is about 4 hours.

Intended Audience: Specifically, this CPR Renewal Class in intended for healthcare professionals. This course is open to CPR renewal students only. In order to take a renewal class your previous certification must not have expired yet and it must be the same course in which you are renewing. Everyone should be familiar with the complete CPR sequence, however this course encompasses techniques that will be most effectively utilized among healthcare providers such as EMT’s, nurses, physicians, etc…

CPR Class Requirements: BLS for Healthcare Providers student manual is the required text for this course. Individuals MUST be physically able to perform the needed skills in order to effectively display that they have mastered the course concepts.

Certification: Upon successful completion of this CPR Class, students will receive a Basic Life Support certification for Healthcare Providers from the American Heart Association. The certification is good for 2 years from the date of the course.

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