Boost your Resume

Determining what to add to a resume can be a challenging task, but it is far from impossible. If you are looking for a new career or maybe just scouting out available opportunities, taking a CPR or First Aid course may help you meet your career goals quicker. Taking a CPR Class or a First Aid certification course can be a great way to accent your current resume. Having a CPR or First Aid certification or even both could show employers your willingness to lend a hand in case of an emergency. CPR Classes and First Aid courses make great career stepping stones. Certification courses could help individuals meet program requirements whether for continuing education or employment. It is important to have a good understanding in CPR and First Aid sequences to be more confident in events of emergency.

If your current certification(s) is(are) expiring soon, you should think about renewing certification(s) to keep skills up to date. Your personal willingness to help is just as important as understanding what to do in the event of an emergency. Gain more confidence by practicing your skills as often as possible and by renewing certifications as frequently as needed. CPR Classes and First Aid courses are great opportunities to practice skills and refresh certain techniques.

CPR is a sequence of steps an individual can take to help sustain the life of another individual who may be suffering from a cardiac arrest. CPR should be started immediately, once cardiac arrest is identified. Cardiac arrest can be assumed in any individual who does not appear to be breathing and who does not appear to be responsive. Assessing for a pulse in an individual can be very difficult and should only be assessed by individuals who are trained to do so. The use of an AED should only be performed by individuals who are trained on the device. When performing CPR on an individual in need, personal rescuer safety should be the top priority. It is important for professional rescuers and lay responders to assess for dangers before entering a scene to assist a victim. Remember if you get hurt trying to help, you will no longer be able to help the victim.
Authored By Thomas Anguella