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What is Involved

Becoming an instructor to teach classes like CPR and First Aid is not as complicated as it sounds, in fact it can be pretty simple if done correctly. Before you can become an instructor it is important to identify which course you want to be certified to instruct. The obvious pre-requisite in becoming an instructor is to have an already, good understanding of the material that you are looking to teach your students. Therefore the very first thing that must be completed before thinking about becoming an instructor is to get certified in the course that you are hoping to instruct. After you achieve the initial course certification the next step involves becoming an instructor in that course. If you feel that you are ready to become an emergency educator please click on the link below and fill out the following form.


Course Pre-Requisites

In order to train future life savers you will need to have a well developed understanding of the material yourself. It is important for successful completion of the instructor course to be able to respond and initiate either the first aid or CPR sequence with very little to no flaws. Instructors should have experience dealing with emergency situations and should not attempt to become an instructor unless they are comfortable with the material to the point that they can teach the course themselves. If you are not currently certified in a life saving course such as First Aid or CPR, you can find these courses on our website for completion. If you are in fact currently certified in first aid or CPR, or even in another type of course such as PALS or ACLS, you may take the course to become an instructor.


Instructor Certification

The instructor level certification is good for 2 years. The instructor will be certified by ASHI (The American Safety and Health Institute). Upon successful completion of the ASHI Instructor course, the Instructor will be able to teach the ASHI courses which the instructor is already certified in. The instructor can add courses to teach by simply becoming certified in those courses (once an individual is Instructor certified they are given the ability to teach ASHI courses which they are, or become certified in). For example if you are certified in CPR for Professionals, and you take the ASHI instructor course, you can now teach CPR for Professionals, and in addition to that, if you decide to take a first aid course in the future, you will then automatically be able to teach ASHI first aid. ASHI instructors MUST complete this initial in class Instructor course before they are able to instruct any classes by ASHI.


Course Cost

$250 per student

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Authored By Thomas Anguella